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EU Parliament votes for P-recycling
Phosphorus put on resource effiency roadmap in Europe
The European Parliament has called for a European policy and actions to ensure recovery and recycling of phosphates from sewage and other waste streams. The text voted on 24th May 2012 calls on the EU Commission “to draw up appropriate criteria and start pilot projects for … phosphorus, with a view... more
EU Parliament Resource Plan text adopted 24-5-2012.pdf 75 KB
EU Detergent Regulation
Published EU legislation limiting phosphates in domestic laundry and dishwasher detergents
As published by the European Union, 30th March 2012
EU Detergent Phosphate Regulation 259-2012 dated 30-3-2012.pdf 740 KB
EU domestic detergent phosphate limitation
CEEP position on EU decision to limit phosphates in domestic detergents
Phosphates are recyclable and offer the best long term solution for detergent performance, safety and sustainability. CEEP believes that the European decision to limit (effectively ban) domestic detergent phosphates, before carrying out an impact assessment to evaluate the effects of alte... more
Ceep statement EU detergent P-ban 14 Dec 2011.pdf 178 KB
Phosphates 2012
Global phosphate industry conference and exhibition
The 2-yearly conference for the worldwide phosphate industry (rock production, fertiliser, animal feeds, food, detergents, other industrial uses) will take place in El-Jadida, Morocoo, 19th - 21st March 2012 ... more
Phosphates in dishwasher detergents
Phosphates should not be banned in dishwasher detergents.
The EU Parliament should not vote to ban phosphates in dishwasher detergents without a full impact assessment. Effects on household energy and water consumption (due to poor wash performance), hygiene, cost, environmental impacts of substitutes and SME market issues should be compared to phosphates,... more
Ceep position 14-10-11.pdf 70 KB
Phosphates in dishwasher detergents 16-5-11.pdf 70 KB
SNB P-recovery website
Netherlands sewage sludge phosphorus recycling
The Netherlands sewage sludge processing company SNB (N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant) has launched a website on phosphate recovery and phosphorus resource management : http://www.phosphaterecovery.com/
Global Phosphorus Network
New forum on phosphate prospectives
The Global Phosphorus Network www.GlobalPNetwork.net is a new platform to exchange information, news, opinions between stakeholders, policy-makers and experts. Join at: http://globalpnetwork.net/user/register
GPN_launch_flyer.pdf 701 KB
REACH Registration of STPP
The Consortium for REACH Registration of STPP has completed the IUCLID file and CSR Registration Dossier. STPP was one of the dossiers submitted to ECHA – Cefic “dossier testing” and completeness tool testing in 2009.

The STPP Reach Consortium was established by five European STPP manufac... more
P-recovery tested in the UK
Phosphate recycling trial Ostara - Severn Trent Water
A pilot phosphate recovery and recycling plant is being tested at Severn Trent Water's municipal sewage works, Derby, UK. The plant uses the Ostara technology, now operational in Canada and the US, to recover phosphate as struvite, thus also reducing deposit problems in piping and sludge filter pres... more
European eutrophication risk assessment
Revised INIA study validated by SCHER
A completely revised study assessing the eutrophication risk associated with detergent phosphates in Europe has been validated by the EU scientific committee SCHER, concluding that:
• "... at pan-European scale the contribution of the P-based detergents is not playing a major role in the eutr... more
Nutrient recovery conference
Vancouver May 2009
International Conference on Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Streams, May 10-13, 2009 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. MORE : www.nutrientrecovery2009.com
Scope74 Vancouver Nutrient Recovery Conference.pdf 528 KB
Covaphos III, Marrakech, 18-20 March 2009
Third International Conference on the Valorisation of Phosphates and Phosphorus Compounds
www.recherphos.com Organised by RECHERPHOS (Researchers’ Network on Phosphates) and CERPHOS. Topics: Geology of phosphates, Beneficiation of phosphates, Phosphoric acid, Fertilizers and fertilization, New uses of natural phosphates, Inorganic phosphate materials, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Organop... more
Phosphates, the only recyclable detergent ingredient
Today detergent phosphates can be recycled from sewage, along with phosphates from other sources, an important step towards sustainable development … Phosphate recovery web site
CEEP P-recovery information 7-2007.pdf 117 KB
Phosphates and eutrophication
Phosphates are natural and safe, but enrich surface waters. What is the relevance of detergent phosphates’ minority contribution to sewage nutrient levels and what approaches are necessary to address eutrophication issues ?
CEEP eutrophication.pdf 79 KB
Phosphates in detergents in Europe
Phosphates in detergents in Europe Under the terms of the EU Detergent Regulation, an assessment of phosphates and substitute chemicals in detergents is currently underway
CEEP phosphates in Europe.pdf 61 KB
Uses of phosphates in detergents
In household cleaning products, alongside surfactants, sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) enables detergents to perform efficiently in all washing conditions.
CEEP functions of phosphates in detergents 7-2007.pdf 72 KB
EU scientific committee SCHER Opinion on RPA report 2006
The EU scientific committee SCHER confirmed the questions raised by the RPA 2006 report concerning substitutes for phosphates used in laundry detergents
SCHER Opinion RPA Report 2007.pdf 276 KB
RPA Report on phosphate substitutes, 2006
The RPA report 2006 concluded: “the use of phosphate-free detergents should not be encouraged unless all the ingredients can be demonstrated to present no risks to people or to the environment."
RPA EU report P-free laundry components 6-2006.pdf 855 KB
EU scientific committee SCTEE Opinion on the WRc Report
Concluding that the WRc Report did not provide evidence justifying reductions of phosphate use in detergents nor adequate information about phosphate substitutes
SCTEE opinion on WRc report 10 3 2003.pdf 159 KB
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