CEEP Centre European d'Etudes des Polyphosphates   a sector group of cefic
What is STTP?

What is CEEP?

CEEP currently brings together the Western European producers of polyphosphates for detergent, cleaning and industrial applications.

CEEP (Centre Européen d’Etudes sur les Polyphosphates) was created in 1971 as the joint research fund for the polyphosphate industry. CEEP became a Cefic Sector Group in 1996 (Cefic = European Chemical Industry Council). CEEP provides a forum for scientific research and the circulation of information concerning the impact of phosphates on the environment, their properties and the performance of polyphosphate products.

CEEP pioneered research on sustainable development through the recovery and recycling of phosphates from sewage and animal wastes.

In 2012, CEEP became part of the Cefic Sector Group PAPA (Phosphoric Acid and Phosphates Producers Association) See Cefic website

PAPA - Cefic Sector Group
avenue E. van Nieuwenhuyse 4 bât 2
B1160, Bruxelles
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